How Much Does a DTG Printer Cost

How Much Does a DTG Printer Cost

The full meaning of DTG printer is Direct to garment printer, which means it is used for printing onto garments. It uses special ink technology to print on textiles and fluently sets on cotton items. It features nice graphic printing and is used for designing textiles.

There are three types of DTG printers according to price. First, the Entry-level printers cost between $5000 to $10000, the most affordable printers; if you run a small business, then you may have it. Secondly, the Mid-level printer may cost from $10,000 up to $40000; these are being purchased to run a large business. Finally, the Industrial Printers cost more than $40000; these are used for running the larger multinational business.

Already you have got a general idea about how much does a dtg printer cost Printers. In the whole article, you will get every detail about how much a dtg printer costs. You need to choose the right one based on your purpose and size criteria.

How Much Does a DTG Printer Cost

What Can You Do With a DTG Printer?

As the name shows that it is a direct garment printer, it means you can print directly, which will be effortless. The amazing thing you can do with a direct-to-garment printer is to print on both dark and light cotton items. You can even effectively use it for authentic fiber items. So it is a great thing to purchase.

How Long Does a DTG Printer Take?

A DTG printer does not take much time to print. It only takes 3 minutes per garment. But the time range differs according to the printer model, size, and design. You do not need to invest your valuable time behind it.

Is a DTG Printer a Good Investment?

Yes, a DTG printer is a good investment if you want to purchase it for your new small business. But you will get the proper utility of the DTG Printer when you meet the customers’ needs and settle down all the printer’s equipment. You must remember if the printing quantity is vast, then a DTG printer is not a good investment for you.

How Much Does DTG Printing Cost?

A Direct- to- garment printing costs from $3 to $7 per garment. This cost depends on several factors like the size of the printing portion, order, and the volume of a particular company. You can easily afford this printing cost.

Are DTG Printers Worth it?

The DTG printers are worth it for printing garments in small quantities. It is really affordable as it does not require any cost for starting up any business; it also does not need any cleaning cost or setting up cost. Such facilities make the DTG printers worthy enough to buy.

Where to Find Cheap DTG Printers?

There are so many cheap DTG printers in the market. You just need to choose the correct one for you. These printers can print t-shirts, hoodies, handkerchiefs, etc. I am recommending some cheap DTG printers for you, such as the A4 DTG printer, A4 SIZE DTG printer, Automatic HRM A3 printer, etc. You can purchase one that supports your budget.

Is DTG Printing Profitable?

Yes, DTG printing is profitable; it requires no cleaning or setup costs. It means it does not have any start-up cost. You can easily print up garments here. It saves your labor, money, and time. So it is profitable in many ways.

How Much Does DTG Printing Cost Per Shirt?

If you want to print on a white shirt, then the cost may run in between 10 to 20 cents. If you want to print on a dark or black shirt, then the cost may run between 50 to 85 cents. The cost seems so effective to deal with.

Is DTG Cheaper Than Screen Printing?

In the case of small quantity printing, DTG printers are cheaper than screen printing, but in the case of big orders, Screen printing is cheaper. However, if you talk about competency, then the DTG printer is cheaper than screen printing because the DTG printer does not require cleaning or setting up costs as the screen printer does.

Why Are DTG Printers So Expensive?

The DTG printers are expensive; there may be two causes behind this: the machines and ink are getting expensive day by day, and secondly, the supply is lesser than the demand. For these reasons, nowadays, DTG printers are so expensive.


Is Direct Garment Printing Good Quality?

Yes, obviously, direct-to-garment print is good quality as a method of printing amazing graphics on the garments; this printing is undoubtedly long-lasting and durable. You can print on your T-shirts, hoodies, skirts, and even on your handkerchiefs.

What Is Direct to Garment Print?

Direct to garment print DTG print is a special method of printing on textile using special ink. By this, you can print anything on your prospective garments. This is basically suitable for cotton-type things. It is a good settlement for designing your textiles.

Does DTG Fade?

Yes, The DTG printers are less durable than the screen printers. As you know, it uses a special kind of ink that has been easily faded away during every wash of your garments. So in the case of durability, DTG is not that much praiseworthy.

Can DTG Print White?

Yes, DTG print can print white, even if it looks great unless you print it for a large, solidly bright area. But most of the time, the DTG printer prints white amazingly nice. So you choose white effortlessly to print.

What is DTF Printing?

DTF printing means direct film printing; it is an advanced printing method on garments. DTF is upgrading the garment designing or decorating technology. It is really very effective as digital technology for printing, and you can directly print on film and then degrade on other fabric in this process.

Do You Need a Pretreatment Machine for DTG Printing?

Yes, you definitely need a pretreatment machine for DTG printing while you have to print on black or dark clothes. It is a must for printing on dark garments.

Do I Need a Heat Press for DTG?

Actually, it is not necessary to get a heat press for DTG; It is not a must thing. But if you install a heat press while using DTG, then the process becomes more effective and fluent.


DTG printer has added extra harmony in the field of garments. It is a good settlement for you. It helps to raise up your entrepreneur skills by saving extra money and time. You can easily have a DTG printer, and you do not need any cleaning and setting up costs. You can easily afford it for home business and get profit from it by printing your own designed clothing. So having a DTG printer is always a good investment.

Now you have a solid idea about how much does a dtg printer cost and the benefits. So you are being recommended to choose a suitable DTG printer for yourself to serve your purpose.

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