How Much Does a Fax Machine Cost

How Much Does a Fax Machine Cost

The purpose of the fax machine is the transmission of printed text and graphic material over the telephone network. Despite the abundance of modern communication technologies, fax remains a popular means of communication and an essential attribute of many offices. Data transmission in the device is carried out by scanning the material, after which the electronic signal is sent to the addressee, and his printer prints the received image. Here are some factors that determine how much does a fax machine cost.

How Much Does a Fax Machine Cost

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Modern faxes have a wide range of additional features to make life easier for an office worker. The most common features include the presence of a speakerphone (speakerphone), the ability to select print quality, additional memory for storing received documents, memory for numbers (phone book), auto-cut paper, and others.

But, as mentioned above, many fax machines can combine a whole range of additional options that allow you to use the equipment with particular comfort.

As relevant and popular additions to faxes, the following should be highlighted:

  • Error Correction Mode (error correction mode) – this function allows you to correct errors that occur when a message is transmitted over the line in a noisy environment;
  • The ability to connect fax to a computer – allows you to use the device as a scanner and printer, controlling its operation through a PC. Also, a computer can use for automatic mailing and storage of received/sent messages;
  • The automatic mode of operation of the fax machine makes it possible to automate the procedure for receiving/sending documents without the participation of an operator;
  • Internet Fax – allows you to use facsimile in the absence of telephone lines, makes it possible to reduce communication costs and optimize sending documents.

Fax Types

While the first faxes required mainly thermal paper (it provides a low cost of prints but is not very convenient), modern models can print on a special thermal film and even on the usual A4 xerox sheets. The principle of printing can be based on inkjet or laser technology. It is often possible to transfer images in black and white and in color.

Depending on the optional features, the fax machines currently on the Ukrainian market can be conditionally divided into monofunctional and multifunctional. Monofunctional equipment is limited to a basic set of tools needed to send/receive fax messages and control the telephone module, while multifunctional solutions and fax.

The Following Features:

  • Classification of fax machines is carrying out in several directions, among which the principle of operation (printing) is the main one. According to this classification, faxes are divided into laser, thermal film (thermal transfer principle), and using thermal paper. There are also inkjet fax machines, but they are not widely used.
  • Laser faxes are considering the most reliable and economical. They are based on the same principle as in a laser printer – image transfer by heating the toner with a laser beam. The main advantages of laser fax include low cost of printing, high quality, the durability of the image, and excellent speed performance.
  • Thermal film faxes use thermal transfer technology: an image or text is transferring from a particular thermal film to plain A4 paper. This type of fax uses a principle similar to that of a dot-matrix printer. The disadvantages of this type of fax include expensive consumables, particularly thermal film.
  • One of the varieties of thermal film faxes are devices that use special thermal paper rolled up for printing. The cost of operation and maintenance of such faxes is relatively low, in view of the low price of thermal paper. However, these devices have several significant drawbacks, including poor image quality and resistance to environmental influences (the paper turns yellow, and the image fades). In addition, it is almost impossible to prepare a document for long-term storage since thermal paper is rolling up.
  • An inkjet fax machine uses ink to print, which is applying to paper through the print head. Among the main advantages of such devices is the possibility of color printing and the device’s low cost. The disadvantages include expensive maintenance, not the best image quality, and relatively slow print speeds.

Fax Specifications

If you are going to buy a fax, pay attention to the type of paper you use and the printing technology of the device, as well as characteristics such as:

  • print quality – the more halftones the machine can produce, the clearer and more natural the image is;
  • memory for receiving and sending – is determining by the number of sheets that the model can “remember”;
  • Answering machine (cassette or digital) – allows you to answer incoming calls automatically without the owner’s participation.

Additional Features

To understand which MFP is better, designate a list of tasks you plan to solve. In this case, it is advisable to ask what features the fax machines have:

  • The print format must match the one you will be working with. The standard solution is A4. Usually, such models can print on envelopes and postcards;
  • scanner resolution determines the quality of digital copies of documents;
  • The yield of cartridges determines how often you will change them. Well, if the cartridges are reusable and can refill;
  • the presence of CISS significantly reduces the cost of the print, which is made on inkjet technology;
  • Remote connection to the network using the Wi-Fi module. At home, it is not always possible to place equipment conveniently. Yes, this is not necessary because there is a module, and the device will respond to any signal within the framework of the network;
  • Noise level is one of the essential criteria when working at home. Especially if you live with a family;
  • Weight and dimensions. Today, manufacturers offer miniature devices weighing from 3 kg. At the same time, the quality of prints and the set of functions do not change from this.


When choosing any technique, we look at the brand because it also affects the price. Not all firms adhere to high standards and GOSTs, so the manufacturer is crucial.

In the field of MFPs, the following brands have earned a good reputation:

  • Canon  is a multinational company that specializes in the production of imaging equipment;
  • Xerox is an American corporation, one of the leaders in the field of printing and document management;
  • Epson is a Japanese holding whose printers and cartridges are known all over the world;
  • Brother is an international brand that produces a wide range of home and office equipment;
  • Pantum is a global brand that is famous for its printing equipment and toner cartridges;
  • HP  is a large US company that operates in the field of information technology;
  • Ricoh is a Japanese concern that has made a name for itself in digital equipment and electronics production.


You can order models equipped with an interface for connecting to a PC and a function to automatically recognize and switch the machine to telephone or fax mode. Devices with a fax-modem board allow you to create archives of documents, distribute them to a given telephone list and local networks, and make copies of the requested papers. We hope you found how much does a fax machine cost above helpful.

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