How Much Does a Laser Printer Cost

A laser printer is a highly digital product that enables the production of highly qualified text and images using laser light. It has become a very essential thing in our daily digital life. Every day we need to do photocopies, scanning, and printing so many important things, so we prefer a highly qualified laser printer to accomplish our tasks flawlessly.

There are different types of laser printers, such as monochrome laser printers to print only black and white, color laser printers to print colorful documents for you like magenta, yellow, and black, compact laser printers to print compact and smaller critical designs; these are used for architecture and engineering documents and multifunction laser printer, this is probably the best for printing. The costs of these printers start from $15000 to $40000 according to the quality and context of use. You can even get a printer within the range of $95 to $4000 if you want to afford it for home.

To pursue the best suitable printer, you primarily need to know how much does a laser printer cost. This writing has provided so much information in this regard; now, you must read this carefully to get the right thing for you.

Is the Laser Printer Worth It?

Yes, the laser printer is worth it. As it uses toner or laser light to print, it is a well-established product to print high-volume documents, and the per-page cost is lesser than the other printers. Though the choice of purchasing a printer depends on the level and place of use. If you want to buy a printer for official use, then the laser printer is the most suitable one to purchase; if you want to buy a printer for home, then you need to do a lottery in between an Inkjet printer or laser printer. But considering all the facts and sides, the laser printer is worth it.

Is It Worth Repairing a Laser Printer?

If you buy a well-branded laser printer, then you may have a long-term service without any technical interruption. But it is quite okay to face technical problems; you have to take it seriously if your repair cost seems high. If the repair cost is 20% to 30% of the main value of the printer, then it is worthy enough to repair a laser printer, but if the cost enhances up to 50% to 60% of the main value of the printer, then it is better to buy a new one.

Are Laser Printers Too Expensive Than Inkjet Printers

No laser printers are not expensive to run; the per-page cost is very reasonable than the inkjet printer. Laser printers prefer toner to print, which is very suitable for high volume printing; on the other hand, there is a high possibility to have an ink interruption experience while printing in the case of inkjet printers. So the laser printers are not expensive at all to run.

Cost of Laser Printing Per Page

The cost of laser printing depends on the type of laser printing. If you use a monochrome black and white laser printer, it will cost 5 to 8 cents; if you use color laser print, it will cost 12 to 15 cents, and you may highly cost up to 60 cents for color printing.

How Much Does a Commercial Printer Cost?

commercial printer cost

A commercial printer with high qualification costs approximately between $15000 to $40000 depending on the printing speed, printing quality, and other features like scanning, stapling, faxing, or toning speed. If you go through the minimum standard option, then it may cost $3,600 to $14000 to get a good printing service.

How Long Do Laser Printer Cartridges Last??

You will be cherished to know that laser printer cartridges unbelievably last for 5 years to provide you a great service to attain all of the tasks.

Is Laser Toner Cheaper Than Ink?

If you want to measure the price of laser toner and inkjet printer, then the laser toner is a little bit more expensive than ink according to price range. But if you compare the range of use according to a daily basis, then laser toner is cheaper than ink; it costs less per page than an inkjet printer. Which brand the laser printer has the cheapest toner?

You are already being informed about the price range of laser printers. Now it is time to know which laser printer is the cheapest toner. I mean, which brand has the cheapest toner, I must recommend the Brother HL branded laser toner printer.

How Long Does Toner Last in a Laser Printer?

If you print an amount of 700 pages monthly, then the toner lasts for 1.43 or 1.5 months. It is the calculation according to the printing level and volume.

Why Is Toner More Expensive Than a Printer?

The toner is more expensive than a printer because the company sets its price too high to get some extra profit. On the other hand, the printer owners sometimes sell their products at a loss, and there are also other costs like maintaining the broker costs and manufacturing costs to make toner more expensive.

How Long Does a Glow Forge Laser Last?

The custom tube of glow forge laser is 850mm featuring a smaller and improved spot size, and it unbelievably lasts for 2 years with a warranty.

Should I Buy a Laser Printer for Home Use?

You can buy a monochrome laser printer for home use if you have to print a lot of documents and files daily. You can even buy a colorful laser printer for home use for colorful printing.

What Is a Good Home Laser Printer?

The HP printer is a very good choice as a home laser printer. In this regard, the Canon-branded printer is the best to use as a homely printer. It is affordable, and it prints quickly any kind of document or graph.

Can Laser Printers Print on Cards?

Yes, laser printers can print on some kinds of cards. But you have to be very cautious while printing on the cards and other kinds of stuff.

How Much Electricity Does a Laser Printer Use?

In printing mode, a laser printer consumes up to 1000 watts if has been used for business purposes, and in standby mode, it consumes up to 100 watts. It consumes more electricity than an inkjet printer.

Why Is Laser Printer Toner So Expensive?

The laser printer toner is so expensive due to the company’s conspiracy to get some extra profits and the manufacturing costs.


How Much Does a Home Laser Printer Cost?

A home black and white laser printer cost between $70 to $200, and if you want to purchase a coloring laser printer, it costs between $95 to $ 350 on average.

How Much Does a 3D Laser Printer Cost?

If you are highly passionate about buying a 3D laser printer, then you have to count between $80000 up to $300000 from your pocket as its’ cost rate. It is really expensive to afford.

How Much Does a Color Printer Cost?

A moderately low volume color laser printer costs between $95 to $ 350 on average, a medium level color laser printer costs between $350 to $900. Finally, if you want to purchase a multifunction color laser printer, then you have to cost between $900 to $4000.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Laser Printer?

A black and white laser printer costs $70 up to $1600 to run according to regular basis use, and in the case of a color laser printer, it costs $ 120 up to $3000 on a regular basis.

How Much Do Laser Printer Cartridges Cost?

The laser printer cartridges with 2500 pages of yield may cost $70; in the case of the cartridges of 5000 pages, the cost is up to $120, and finally, the cartridges with 10000 pages of yielding may cost up to $200.

How Much Should I Charge for Printing Per Page?

For black and white printing, you should charge from 5 to 8 cents per page; for color printing, you should charge from 12 to 15 cents per page; and for compact and heavy design printing, you should charge up to 60 cents.


This digital era makes our life almost impossible to live without digital devices. It seems like we live on devices, and we die on devices. Among such devices, the laser printer is a cool device that greatly impacts our official and educational life. We have to rely on laser printers to have a clear and sharp portrait of our necessary documents for printing and scanning important things.

As the printers are so important, you must know about the price and type of them. This writing has already provided detailed information on how much does a laser printer cost as per your recommendation. So you must read it carefully to get proper guidance. 

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