Creating Synergy

With Wault Locker as a planned initiative, we saw a further opportunity to create value by extending an additional solution from it: a support platform for new projects.

The Opportunity

Binance Smart Chain is an exciting blockchain for DeFi projects but also a relatively new one. As a consequence, many of the necessary rails don’t exist to help new companies get the support they need, hindering them from what they should be doing: innovating and executing. The absence of infrastructure also leads to a lack of confidence from potential users, making it difficult for projects to raise liquidity.

The Solution

Wault Launchpad is a platform for new BSC projects to raise liquidity. We screen qualifying projects and allow them to hold their private sales and presales through our platform. Then, with Wault Locker, we ensure the raised liquidity will be instantly locked and secured at the moment of listing. We also facilitate the auditing process for the projects through our partners, making the new ventures more trustworthy, while also protecting the liquidity providers.

The Rewards

A 3% service fee from the raised liquidity is used to buyback WAULTx tokens on the spot market. The tokens are then distributed to the Staking Contract.

LaunchPad Tiers

WAULTx holders may participate in presales if they stake a minimum of 100.000 WAULTx tokens in the 30-Day Lockup Pool. These staked WAULTx thresholds are called TIERS and give different allocation multipliers.
Users will find below the different Tiers in the WAULTx30-DAYS Lockup Pool:

Previous LaunchPad Projects

Swirl.Cash (60x presale price)
Euler.Tools (25x presale price)


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