Liquidity Mining

Fair Distribution


Liquidity Mining is the act of providing liquidity to the Wault Protocol’s trading pools on decentralized exchanges in return for token rewards and fees.


Liquidity Mining of WAULT tokens will be offered for the first several months, in order to achieve a fair distribution and reward the platform’s early supporters


The initial reward per block will be 1 and will be halved every 10 days. Upon platform launch, two sets of pools will be introduced:

  1. WAULT/BNB Liquidity Pool – 80% of the rewards
  2. WAULT Staking Pools – 20% of the rewards

From every transaction, the protocol will charge 1.8% in taxes and fees and redistribute it to the Liquidity Miners. That means that even after the total Supply of 1 million tokens enters circulation, Liquidity Mining will continue due to an unceasing reward structure.


How to Adding liquidity
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