The Opportunity

With Ethereum gas fees rising out of control in Q1 2021 and showing no signs of slowing down, we believe there will be an inevitable influx of developers launching applications on the much more practical Binance Smart Chain. As a result, we created a DApp that provides a much needed service to projects on BSC: building trust and security.

The Solution

Wault Locker is a DApp to lock liquidity for fixed periods of time, offering similar value as certain prosperous offerings on the Ethereum blockchain. However, Wault Locker was the first of its kind on Binance Smart Chain! In addition, we locked our own liquidity inside for 6 months in order to bring our users peace of mind.

The Rewards

Each liquidity lock provides 0.20% of the total tokens locked as a service fee. Those tokens are then liquidated and used to buy back WAULTx tokens on the spot market, creating steady buying pressure and helping assure the WAULTx token maintains a valuable price.
The purchased tokens go to the marketing fund, and, in the future, the community will decide how to use them through decentralized governance.
Last modified 8mo ago