Salesforce Social Studio Pricing

Salesforce Social Studio is a social analytics and marketing hub, more specifically for use on the Salesforce platform. As such, the salesforce social studio pricing model reflects this. Salesforce Social Studio’s pricing is based on page views and data storage, with additional charges, levied for custom reporting and enterprise-level customization. The initial price may be higher than expected until you realize that the CRM itself has a price tag of $125 a user, per month:

Salesforce Social Studio: What is it?

To assist users in managing their marketing campaigns across all social media channels, Salesforce Marketing Cloud introduced Salesforce Social Studio. Using a single dashboard enables businesses to interact with their social media communities and connect with influencers and rival brands.

Tools are made available to users so they can manage their online presence and social media activities more efficiently. You won’t ever have to miss an important engagement opportunity again with this. A company can use Salesforce Social Studio to schedule posts, listen to communities, assess performance and touchpoints, and interact more personally with customers.

These actions, carried out directly through Salesforce Social Studio, can raise consumer knowledge of and perception of your brand. Prices for the suite are based on customized quotes. This enables users to customize their Salesforce Social Studio versions to meet their unique company needs and aspirations. Additionally, Social Studio seamlessly connects with the entire Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Social Studio features

The main features of Salesforce Social Studio are:

Automatic Routing
Brand Sentiment
Built-in Social Advertising
Campaign Collaboration
Campaign Feedback
Campaign Results Tracking
Content Management
Customer Activity
Customer Interactions
Customer Service Cases
Customizable Dashboards
Image Recognition
Machine Learning
Market Intelligence
ML Sentiment Analysis
On-Screen Imagery
Post Priority
Real Discussion Insights
Role- and Group-based Access
Salesforce Mobile Apps
Single Customer View
Social Media Engagement
Target Insights
Topic Profiles
User and Team Workspaces
Comprehensive Multichannel Customer View

Benefits of Salesforce Social Studio

The key advantages of Social Studio are its dependable functionality, usability, and compatibility for mobile devices. Here are Social Studio’s specific advantages:

salesforce Social Studio Pricing

Faster and More Valuable Feedback

Reports about your social media accounts are generated by Social Studio. This gives people pertinent feedback about your service, products, and advertising efforts in real time. This gives users the power to assess sentiments and brand awareness through comments and discussions across various social networks, enhancing their market intelligence.

Engage your Community

One platform allows you to access and manage all of your social media accounts. Users of Social Studio can include consumer interactions, mentions, and emails into your CRM system from various social networking platforms. You may more easily engage your community by routing these into a single dashboard. In addition, Social Studio aids in the acquisition of more sophisticated information, such as post priority and brand sentiment analysis.

Optimize and streamline

As Social Studio makes it simpler to create, share, schedule, review, and approve material across various social media channels, content management becomes simpler. By using a single platform, your internal team can now simply understand and manage your procedures across several channels. Brand personality consistency is simpler to achieve. Additionally, Social Studio enables you to create workspace access based on roles or groups. You can maintain security more easily as a result.

It is also simpler to monitor. Users have access to real-time tracking of their brand health, campaign outcomes, and customer feedback. Multiple channels can be used to view customer interactions, allowing for a more thorough investigation of client experiences. This links email accounts to social media networks.

Mobile users can access Social Studio as well. This allows your staff to have convenient access from any location. Users can keep up with hot subjects. The Salesforce Social Studio team also makes stock photographs available.

Salesforce Social Studio Pricing

Email, Mobile, and Web MarketingContact UsPersonaliez and automate email, mobile and Web journeys for every customer at scale
Social Media MarketingContact UsListen, analyze, publish and engage. Personalize social conversations like never before
Digital AdvertisingContact UsLeverage your CRM data and manage your advertising at scale.
B2B Marketing AutomationContact UsAutomate and optimize your lead generation and nurturing programs throughout the prospect lifecycle


One can tell form this that the salesforce social studio pricing is really affordable. The most affordable product out of all the products on the list are twitter feed and custom dashboards per user which both cost $49 per month. The highest cost out of all three lists are scorecards per user which costs $149 per month. Right now, the whole system comes together to form pretty good services for its price.

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