?️ Governance
As we aim to become a 100% community-driven protocol, Governance will decide all the important decisions. There are no VC firms or private interests here. If the community does not approve of our work and submits a proposal, we can even transfer the Developer Keys to a better developer. It’s that simple.
Every WAULTx staked in our staking contract will give you the same amount of votes in our governance contract. The votes can be used to decide further developments and changes to the protocol. That’s the model we believe in. 
Every WAULTx holder will be able to make a proposal. Every proposal will cost 100 WAULTx which will go to the Marketing fund of our Platform. For a proposal to be executed, it needs to get 30% of all possible votes and more than half of these need to be “YES”.
Vote Vesting
Everyone who makes a vote will have 48 hours of vesting on their tokens in the staking contract. This is in order to prevent voting manipulations.
Last modified 8mo ago
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