Yield Optimization Platform
Wault Finance's Yield Optimization Platform includes Vaults where everyone can deposit funds. These funds are then utilized to capitalize on profitable opportunities in the DeFi market. Currently, they operate on fixed strategies. However, in the future, the Vaults will act as automated yield generators, shifting capital between multiple strategies to generate optimal returns. This will allow depositors to gain lucrative exposure to the market while saving substantial time and fees.
For Wault V2, anyone will be able to propose a Vault Strategy. After a proposal, the WAULTx holders will vote on whether to approve the strategy. If the proposal is successful, the pool will be available for deposit in 24 hours.
Strategy Creator Wallet – If a strategy is approved by governance, the creator will be assigned a wallet that will receive a % of the Vault’s earnings.
Every time the created Vault earns the equivalent of $50,000, the profit will be automatically emitted according to this structure:
  • 8% to the Strategy Creator Wallet.
  • 90% to market buyback WAULTx and send it to the Vault’s depositors in proportion to their % deposited. These buybacks will also create consistent buying pressure on the token, elevating the price.
  • 2% to a developer wallet to be used on further development and marketing.

Last modified 6mo ago
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