Main differences between WAULTx and WEX

WAULT was the genesis token of the Wault.Finance ecosystem.
In parallel with the launch of WaultSwap AMM Platform (27th of April 2021), the WAULT token began a migration to WAULTx in order to remove previous transaction and inactivity taxes that were a feature of WAULT. This was to facilitate Centralized Exchange listings and future Cross-Chain integrations.
The WAULT to WAULTX migration will continue until 23rd of June 2021, WAULT holders are able to swap their WAULT for WAULTx tokens through the bridge at the bottom of the Overview Section of the Wault APP.
WEX is the main token of the WaultSwap Platform and the farming reward token.
WAULTx holders vs. WEX holders
WAULTx is the Governance token of Wault Finance. WAULTx holders can earn WAULTx by staking/locking them in the 30-Days Lockup Staking Pool (Locked Staking Section) and can get access to pre-sales of new projects (Launchpad section) .
Additionally, WAULTx holders can earn WEX tokens through the Farm Section.
WEX is the Farming token of WaultSwap Platform. WEX holders can simply stake their WEX, or earn them through each Farming Pools (Farm Section).
Both WEX and WAULTx can also be combined with BNB to provide liquidity to WaultSwap (Swap section then Liquidity section) and thus get higher APR rewards.
They can be auto-compounded with Eleven.Finance as well.

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