WAULTx Token

What is WAULTx Token?

WAULTx is the updated version of the legacy WAULT token. It is a completely new smart contract. It is the primary token of the Wault.Finance Ecosystem. WAULTx grants stakers access to our launchpad products, if at least 100.000 are staked, in the 30-Day Lockup Pool.
It is redeemable at a ratio of 1000 WAULTx:1 WAULT token, until the 23rd of June 2021 (end of WAULT token).


1,000,000,000 WAULTx – Total Supply. This is a fixed supply.
500,000 old WAULT (500,000,000 WAULTx) were produced, in the initial deployment of the old WAULT token contract.
The contract distributed the remaining 500,000 old WAULT (500,000,000 WAULTx) into the Liquidity Mining Supply, to provide yield to the liquidity pool participants and stakers.
  • 160,000 old WAULT (160,000,000 WAULTx) – Private Sale (16%)
  • 80,000 old WAULT (80,000,000 WAULTx) – Presale (8%)
  • 40,000 old WAULT (40,000,000 WAULTx) – Marketing Treasury (4%)
  • 30,000 old WAULT (30,000,000 WAULTx) – Team Tokens – Locked For 3 Months (3%)
  • 20,000 old WAULT (20,000,000 WAULTx) – Bug Bounties (2%)
  • 50,000 old WAULT (50,000,000 WAULTx) – Exchange Market Maker Tokens (5%)
  • 120,000 old WAULT (120,000,000 WAULTx) – Initial Liquidity for PancakeSwap (12%)
  • 500,000 old WAULT (500,000,000 WAULTx) – Liquidity Mining Supply (50%)
120,000 old WAULT (120,000,000 WAULTx) and 700 BNB were added in PancakeSwap Liquidity.
Listing Price: 1 BNB ≈ 171 old WAULT (171,000 WAULTx)

Zero Fee

There are no fees to use WAULTx, for depositing, withdrawing or staking!
WaultSwap does have a swap fee of 0.20% for any token swapped.

Buyback and burn

External projects that lock their liquidity in Wault Locker pay a 0.20% fee that is used to buyback and burn WAULTX.
Moreover, the transaction fees from the WAULTx/BNB pair are used to buyback and burn WAULTx.
Finally, every time a vault is created, via Wault Finance’s Yield Optimization Platform, and the vault earns the equivalent of $50,000, 90% of the profit will be automatically emitted to a market buyback of WAULTx. We then send it to the Vault’s depositors, in proportion to their % deposited. These buybacks create consistent buying pressure on the token, elevating the price.

WAULTx main advantages

  • WAULTx gives private access and allocations to very profitable presales while staked in WAULTx 30-Days Staking Pool (see Locked Staking section).
  • WAULTx has a fixed supply that is deflationary due to buyback and burning mechanisms, becoming scarcer by the day.
  • WAULTx Farming and Staking can be compounded through Eleven.Finance platform.
  • WAULTx will be used to vote when Wault governance is implemented.
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