WEX Token

WEX, or Wault EXchange Token, is the foundational token of WSwap, which will have the right of governance for the AMM, along with participating in all future utility integrations.

For example, trading fees will be .2%, of which .18% will go to liquidity providers and .02% will go to daily buyback and burn of WEX, creating deflationary pressure and pushing prices up continuously.

The tokenomics of WEX will be the following:

750 000 000 Total Initial Supply

250 000 000 — Airdrop to WAULT holders

250 000 000 — Marketing

125 000 000/250 BNB — Initial PancakeSwap Liquidity

125 000 000/250BNB — Initial WSwap Liquidity

The starting emissions will be 1500 WEX per block divided by all the pools with various allocation points. The emission rate and token limit will be decided in the future by governance. 15% of emissions will go to the dev fund to cover R&D and ongoing operational expenses.

As you can see above, WAULT stakers will be privileged to this free airdrop so they can get WEX right away and start faming. In this way, WAULT will remain as the core governance token of the overarching protocol, continuing to provide utility through its unique fee structure. Meanwhile, WAULT stakers will gain immediate participation in WEX through the airdrop.

Airdrop Distribution Details

We’ll do a snapshot on Sunday, April 18th, 2021, to determine how many tokens each user is staking in our vaults. Below is how the 250 00 000 WEX tokens will be distributed:

120 000 000 WEX — 30-day lockup WAULT/BNB staking pool

120 000 000 WEX — 30-day lockup single-asset WAULT staking pool

10 000 000 WEX — 7-day lockup single-asset WAULT staking pool

The amount of WEX each wallet receives will be allocated in proportion to its number of WAULT staked relative to the total amount of WAULT in each pool. So the more WAULT you lockup, the more WEX you will receive.

30% of the WEX supply will be airdropped on launch and 10% every following week. So you can think of it as the gift that keeps on giving.

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